SY-5609 for Select Solid Tumors

Decreasing Expression of Cancer-Driving Genes with CDK7
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Decreasing Expression of Cancer-Driving Genes with CDK7

SY-5609 is a highly selective and potent oral inhibitor of the cyclin-dependent kinase 7 (CDK7) in a Phase 1 trial in patients with advanced breast, colorectal, lung or ovarian cancer, or with solid tumors of any histology that harbor Rb pathway alterations.

SY-5609 represents a new approach to treating cancer that we believe has potential in a range of difficult-to-treat cancers. It has shown robust anti-tumor activity, including complete regressions, in preclinical models of breast, colorectal, lung and ovarian cancers at doses below the maximum tolerated dose. In preclinical studies of breast, lung and ovarian cancers, deeper and more sustained responses were associated with the presence of Rb pathway alterations. SY-5609 has also shown substantial anti-tumor activity in combination with fulvestrant in treatment-resistant models of estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer, including those resistant to both fulvestrant and a CDK4/6 inhibitor.

A Promising Approach for Difficult-to-Treat Cancers

Cancer cells adapt to hijack or thwart the body’s normal processes to grow out of control, forming tumors and crowding out healthy cells. SY-5609 has the potential to disrupt two important processes that cancer cells use to survive and thrive: increased expression of cancer-promoting genes, and uncontrolled cell cycle progression.

Potent and Highly Selective CDK7 Inhibitor

Program Indication Target Development Drug Discovery IND-Enabling Early Clinical Mid Clinical Pivotal Commercial Rights
SY-5609 (Oral CDK7 inhibitor)
SY-5609 (Oral CDK7 inhibitor)
Select solid tumors
Target Development Phase complete
Drug Discovery Phase complete
IND-Enabling Phase complete
Early Clinical Phase in progress
Mid Clinical Phase not started
Pivotal Phase not started
Syros (Global)
Syros (Global)

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