Redefining Medicine by Transforming Expression

The genes expressed - turned on, off, up or down - in any given cell determine its type and function. When genes are expressed at the wrong time or in the wrong amounts, it can lead to disease. Because gene expression is fundamental to all cells, we believe our pioneering approach has potential to lead to better medicines for patients with a range of diseases that have eluded other genomics-based approaches. At the heart of all our efforts is our dedication to making a profound difference for patients.

Our Pipeline

We are advancing an oncology pipeline with two programs in clinical development: Tamibarotene (formerly SY-1425), is a first-in-class selective oral RARĪ± agonist for genomically defined subsets of patients with higher-risk myelodysplastic syndrome and acute myeloid leukemia.

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Our Pioneering Approach

Rooted in a deep understanding of how genes are controlled, our approach represents a new and unexploited field for drug discovery and development. Targeted drug discovery to date has focused largely on inhibiting or otherwise changing the function of abnormal genes and proteins. But many more diseases could be treated by controlling the expression of both abnormal and normal genes. Until recently, however, scientists lacked the tools to study regulatory regions of the genome that control the expression of genes.

We are now at a pivotal point in time where a confluence of scientific and technological advances is bringing into view what was once beyond our reach. Building on the seminal work of our scientific founders, we have built the leading platform dedicated to systematically analyzing regulatory regions of the genome to develop small-molecule medicines that control the expression of genes critical to a given cell.

Our Culture, Mission & Values

Our strength lies in the coordinated expression of the Syros team. We believe our people and culture are our most powerful assets in building a great and enduring company that transforms patients' lives, inspires our employees to reach greater heights and contributes to our community.

What Makes Us Syros