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Partnership Opportunities

We are actively seeking partnerships to maximize the value of our programs and extend the potential of our gene control platform across multiple therapeutic areas and diseases.

For our programs, we are focused on partnerships that could expand our geographic reach and allow us to expand into additional indications. For our platform, we are seeking target and drug discovery collaborations that allow us to leverage the potential of our platform in cancers and other serious diseases beyond those that we can address on our own. We also believe that our platform provides significant optionality for collaborations around therapeutic modalities and target classes that fall outside of our current focus on small molecule drugs targeting transcriptional and regulatory proteins.

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Advancing a New Wave of Medicines

We are developing medicines that control the expression of disease-driving genes with the aim of providing a profound and durable benefit for patients with cancer, autoimmune disorders and genetic diseases.

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A Platform Solely Focused on Gene Control

Our platform is the first dedicated to analyzing regulatory regions of the genome to systematically and efficiently identify and drug disease-causing alterations in gene expression with broad potential to create transformative medicines across a range of therapeutic areas and diseases.

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