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Syros is a clinical-stage life sciences company dedicated to developing therapies that control the expression of genes with the aim of providing a profound and durable benefit for patients.

Syros is a leader in the development of medicines that control the expression of genes. Our gene control platform is based on a deep and integrated understanding of the regulatory genome, disease biology and small molecule drug discovery. We seek to maximize value by extending our platform across multiple therapeutic areas and diseases, including identifying and targeting synthetic lethal genes. Our preclinical synthetic lethality pipeline includes a CDK12 inhibitor as well as programs targeting Werner syndrome helicase (WRN) and a haploinsufficiency target, CDK11.

For our lead program, tamibarotene, an oral, first-in-class retinoic acid receptor alpha agonist currently in a pivotal Phase 3 trial (formerly SY-1425), we hold commercial rights in the United States, Europe and several other countries outside of APAC. We hold worldwide rights to our other clinical-stage programs, SY-5609 (oral CDK7 inhibitor) and SY-2101 (oral arsenic trioxide). For each program, we will consider partnering commercial rights in specific territories that will allow us to expand our geographic reach and/or accelerate drug development in additional indications.

We have two strategic collaborations: one with Global Blood Therapeutics (GBT) to discover an oral medicine to increase the expression of fetal globin with the aim of providing a functional cure for patients with sickle cell disease and beta thalassemia; and the other with Incyte Corporation to identify and validate new therapeutic targets in myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs). The collaboration with GBT allows us to expand, and potentially speed, our ongoing effort in sickle cell disease and beta thalassemia, while the collaboration with Incyte allows us to leverage the promise of our platform to benefit patients with diseases beyond our current areas of focus.

We will continue to evaluate potential collaborations that maximize the potential of our platform and expand our geographic reach to bring transformative therapies to patients.

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Advancing a New Wave of Medicines

We are redefining the power of small molecules to control the expression of genes, with the aim of developing medicines that provide a profound benefit for patients with diseases that have eluded other genomics-based approaches.

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A Platform Solely Focused on Gene Control

Our platform is the first dedicated to analyzing regulatory regions of the genome to systematically and efficiently identify disease-causing alterations in gene expression with broad potential to create transformative medicines across a range of therapeutic areas and diseases.

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