Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Raise Diversity. Elevate Equity. Amplify Inclusion.

At Syros, we operate with compassion, humility, advocacy, and awareness to foster an inclusive environment where all employees are inspired to achieve their full potential. We believe the unique talents, backgrounds and perspectives of each Syrosian strengthens our coordinated expression, making our company stronger and helping us to achieve our mission of developing medicines to transform patients’ lives.

Syros is dedicated to furthering diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within our company, in our industry, as well as beyond, and we are fully aligned to the DEI principles outlined in Biotechnology Innovation Organization’s BIOEquality Agenda and MassBIO’s CEO pledge.

Syros’ Approach

We believe our strength comes from the power of our whole team. Unlocking our power requires all three pieces of DEI in order to give diversity a voice. We are continuously assessing ways to learn how we can do better, and further encouraging employees to be themselves.

Spearheaded by our colleagues and leadership, Syros has developed and implemented initiatives to create an inclusive workplace. Some of these approaches include:

    • Our company-wide promotion and recognition programs are driven by anonymized data.
    • Our book club selects several books to foster conversations about DEI issues.
    • Our unique program aims to foster a culture of support, mutual respect, and understanding by forming small groups of employees who meet regularly to discuss the various topics to become better allies.
    • Meets monthly to spearhead and assess various DEI initiatives including establishing annual corporate goals to further propel us towards our DEI vision.
    • Our events invite speakers from various backgrounds to educate the company about DEI related issues.
    • Our internships offered through this program aim to provide an opportunity in STEM for low income and underrepresented students. You can learn more here.
    • Our regularly conducted trainings aim to build self-awareness about our own unrecognized biases and confront the hard topics about microaggressions and the harm they cause.

We are proud that women comprise roughly half of our functional leaders and 40% of our Board of Directors. Syros remains committed to continuing greater gender equity in the workplace and expanding the representation of historically underrepresented individuals, as we recognize that a diverse set of voices is vital for our success.

Follow our journey by reading more about our people and culture here and learn how your next role can be part of this inclusive team here.